5 three-ingredient summer slushies: ‘That looks so refreshing!’

There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than an ice-cold slushie. Keeping the summer vibe going strong, content creators are getting creative with three-ingredient slushie recipes. If you enjoy a refreshing icy slushie, look no further than these five super-quick, three-ingredient slushies.

1. Watermelon strawberry slushie

The viral favorite that started it all: the watermelon strawberry lime slushie! How refreshing does that sound? TikToker @alyssafontainerd simply adds watermelon, frozen strawberries and lime into the blender and finishes it off in a big glass. “A fun way to eat your fruits,” she exclaims as she zooms in to the delicious-looking slushie. This bright red slushie is certainly fun, fresh and healthy!

2. Lemonade slushie


Lemonade Slushies. This is a refreshing drink to make. #slushies #lemonade #recipes #funfoods

♬ original sound – James Lamprey

For a nostalgic treat, try this three-ingredient lemonade slushie. Just pour frozen store-bought lemonade (or you can freeze your own homemade lemonade), one cup of ice cubes and half a cup of water into a blender and mix. Suddenly you’ll have a sweet and tangy treat! “Love this! Such a cool idea!” one user commented in approval.

3. Cotton candy slushie


SUMMERTIME SLUSHIES!!! ☀️ with cotton candy grapes! just for fun! #slushies #summer #summerecipes #healthyrecipes #makeadrink #foodtiktok

♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

This twist on a classic carnival treat is a childhood dream! To make the slushie, just add mini ice cubes, cotton candy grapes and tropical punch to a blender. Mix well and you’ve got the most delicious cotton candy-flavored slushie. This drink will definitely make you feel like a kid again!

4. Spiked seltzer slushie


What’s the worst white claw flavor & why is it lemon 🍋 😆 #whiteclaw #slushy #drinks

♬ original sound – msjacksonn89

Take your slushie game to the next level with this alcoholic version. Blend together your preferred spiked seltzer, frozen berries and ice. Fellow fans of alcoholic slushies showed love in the comments. “That looks so refreshing!” commented a parched user. Another joined in, saying, “Alright I’m making these.” Perfect for your next summer party!

5. 10-minute slushie

You’ve got to wait a bit for this slushie hack. Pick out your favorite juice — Tiktoker @jeenie.weenie uses a passionfruit orange guava flavored juice. Then, pour that juice into a small sealable plastic bag. Put that small bag into a bigger sealable plastic bag with ice and salt, and wrap it up in a towel. Like magic, the juice turns into a slushie in just 10 minutes! The trick? The salt lowers the melting point of the ice, and the ice pulls heat from the juice, causing it to “freeze.”

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