3 reasons why you feel like you never have anything to wear

Celebrity fashion stylist and designer Lindsay Albanese is here to solve a very common fashion emergency. 

Let’s set the scene: You have a closet full of clothing but somehow you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear. As irrational as it can feel, Albanese has got three tips to think about when you’re clothes shopping and picking out outfits.

1. You’ve been trend-chasing too much

“One of the reasons you have nothing to wear is you have too many trend-driven or statement pieces,” Albanese told In The Know. 

Trendy pieces are usually things that are a little too specific, like over-styled or over-embellished clothing. 

“It’s a special piece that kind of has a moment from here and there, it’s not something like a white t-shirt or a black button-down that you can recreate into different looks,” she said. 

If you tend to get caught up in fads, Albanese suggested that, before committing to a new item, consider how it would actually fit into your wardrobe and how often you’d wear it. 

2. You need more basics

The stylist said the key is making sure your wardrobe is 80 percent basics and only 20 percent trendy pieces.

“Your basics need to anchor your wardrobe,” Albanese explained. “Your jeans, your simple shoes, your t-shirts, your jackets you can grab and wear with anything.” 

Scan your closet to assess what’s missing and purchase things that you know you would wear frequently. These staples should make up the foundation of your wardrobe. Then you’ll be free to pepper in trendy accessories or statement pieces. 

“When you feel overwhelmed like you don’t have an outfit bring it back to the basics. Keep it simple,” she added. 

3. You have the wrong shoes

“You need to have shoes in your wardrobe that can complement or go with probably 90 percent of what you have in your closet,” she said. 

If you feel like you don’t have any shoes to wear, it could mean you only have sneakers, flip-flops or something difficult to pair with most of your clothes. 

“You need those in between, casual enough and comfy enough but also a little more polished,” Albanese said. “The shoes that complement almost every outfit are your classic sandals, a heel that’s comfortable and also not too high and a sneaker that’s not your athletic sneaker or dingy workout sneaker.” 

But at the end of the trends will happen and fashion is supposed to bring us joy. 

“We work hard for our money, go have fun,” the stylist said. “Make some silly purchases.”

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