3-year-old who’s been baking with mom since infancy shocks TikTok with her skills: ‘She is so talented’

This little girl’s mom has been teaching her how to bake since she was only one year old, and now at three, she’s practically a professional!

They say you have to start them young, which is exactly what TikToker, cake artist, and mom (@thecakinggirl) did with her daughter, Ellis. She posted a video to TikTok to share how Ellis’ baking started and how it’s going now. 

The clip has over 4 million views and begins with footage of one-year-old Ellis in a sling strapped to her mom’s chest. The adorable one-year-old faces the camera, watching in fascination as her mom builds a decadent cake. 

Fast forward two years, and now three-year-old Ellis is a cake boss in her own right. No longer confined to a baby sling, Ellis takes her baking skills seriously. Most people can’t say their toddler is fantastic at fondant

Sporting a precious t-shirt and a laser focus, Ellis carefully rolls and cuts out elaborate fondant shapes. With some help from mom, Ellis adorns the cake with chocolate icing, marshmallows, and a pink fondant teddy bear. 

The result is a surprise birthday cake for Ellis’ dad that looks every bit as sweet as it tastes. One of the cutest parts of the video is watching Ellis react to her dad’s surprise and wonder regarding the cake she made, especially for him.  

Viewers were amazed by the three-year-old’s baking skills.

“I can’t even make popcorn,” commented one TikTok user. 

“And here I am struggling to cook an egg,” joked another viewer. 

The video also brought back fond memories for people. 

“Perfect age to start baking! I started at 5, and now I’m 14, and I bake all the birthday cakes in my family,” one user reminisced. 

It’s important to foster your kid’s unique interests and give them the freedom to develop hobbies that they genuinely enjoy. According to researchers, extracurricular interests can boost kids’ confidence and self-esteem, which will help them cope with life’s inevitable curveballs.

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