Appearance of mysterious hashtag baffles unsuspecting TikTok users

There’s a mysterious hashtag on TikTok and it’s causing quite the stir.

If you’ve noticed the #如343543 hashtag on videos but don’t know what it means, you’re not alone. People have said the hashtag is showing up on their own videos without them adding it, but no one has quite figured out what’s going on yet.

What does #343543 mean on TikTok? 

TikTok users, like @ehouyu on Twitter, began to report that the hashtag was appearing on their videos automatically. What they’ve deduced is that when you click on #如343543, it just leads to the #fyp (or #foryoupage) hashtag.

“Has anyone else seen that TikTok fyp hashtag glitch where instead of fyp it says some Japanese (I’m guessing, don’t get mad at me) characters and numbers 343543?” @miffical tweeted

“What is this 343543 hashtag in TikTok is this the new ‘zybca’?” @dearcamilleb said

No one knows why the hashtag even exists or why TikTok is automatically tagging their videos with it. Some believe it’s a glitch, while others speculate it’s the rollout for a new hashtag gone wrong. 

TikTok hasn’t responded to the phenomenon yet, but users are eagerly awaiting the answer. 

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