What is the 369 Manifestation Method TikTokers are obsessed with?

Tiktokers are tapping into the power of manifestation with the latest buzzy wellness trend called the “369 Manifestation Method.” 

The “369 Method” combines pseudoscientific principles from The Secret, a self-help book on actualizing goals through thoughts, and the “Law of Attraction,” a spiritual philosophy that claims positive thoughts attract positive things.

What is the ‘369 Manifestation Method’ on TikTok?

The method is not scientifically backed — but hey, anything that gives you a positive outlook or mentality probably isn’t going to hurt.

The idea is that if you focus on affirmative thoughts on a regular basis, they will eventually materialize in real life.

What do the numbers ‘369’ mean? 

Nikola Tesla was said to be fixated on the numbers three, six and nine for mathematically superstitious reasons. He believed they were sacred in some way.

But wellness guru Ingrid Asoni told Cosmopolitan UK they also had a special meaning in numerology. 

“When looking at 369 Manifestation, for instance, the number 3 has long been associated with our human connection to the universe and the source,” Asoni said. “Whereas 6 reflects the power and strength and the source that resides within us, while 9 reflects release, relinquish, growth and change allowing us to let go, heal, move past and restore.”

How to do the ‘369 Manifestation Method’ on TikTok

Influencer @clarkkegley explained how to use the “369 Method” in a video.

Step one: Choose three affirmations that you want to focus on. These can range from getting your dream job to finding your dream partner.

Step two: Review each affirmation six times a day. The belief here is that the more energy and attention you give these affirmative thoughts, the more you will tangibly attract them in real life.

Step three: Focus on these affirmations for nine seconds each. Clark said that nine seconds is enough attention to direct your mind to these thoughts on a regular basis.

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