4 things you should quit for ultimate happiness

Stefanie Elsperman is a mindset and purpose coach whose 77,000 followers on TikTok tune in to hear her tidbits of advice and tips on how to stay mentally healthy — especially during this very tough time.

One of her videos that generated a lot of attention was on four things to quit in order to feel happier.

“They were the things that held me back for years and years and years,” she told In The Know. “Once I gave them up, I was able to actually be free and go after [my] dreams.”

Elsperman is all about the feel-good, positive content and her TikToks make her advice easily digestible for people looking to make a change.

“Finding your purpose comes when you actually follow what excites you,” she explained.

The four things Elsperman names in the TikTok are: Comparing yourself to others, ignoring your intuition, letting self-doubt cloud your decision-making and giving up when life gets hard.

“Quit thinking about the self-doubt or the comparison or what other people are doing and you do you,” Elsperman added. “Put your blinders on and just go for it.”

A big reason why we grapple with these four things in the first place has to do with societal expectations, Elsperman said.

“So often we ditch what excites us out of these societal norms of what we should have: We should have the 9 to 5, the family, the house — all of these different things,” she added. “But in reality, what we want is to work really hard toward something that we actually truly love.”

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