4-year-old daughter ‘scares’ mom with her business savviness when she outsmarts her older brother

A mom’s story about her daughter’s sharp business mind went viral on TikTok

Karragen has two kids, a 4-year-old daughter Nova and a 5-year-old son Griffin. The mom gives her kids a daily allowance to teach them about money.

Nova spends the day at work with Karragen while her brother is in kindergarten. Every day, Karragen gives her daughter $20, with the option of saving some or all of it or receiving some or all of it.

One day, Nova asked for half of the money in cash. 

“Nova scares me sometimes,” Karragen explained. “We go home, and I overhear them in the playroom. “Nova was like, ‘I will give you $10 if you clean the playroom because I don’t want to.’ And Griffin was like, ‘No, I’m not cleaning up by myself. You keep your money.'” 

Then, Nova came out and asked Karragen to take her to the store to get some candy. 

“Griffin comes out, and he’s like, ‘Wait, I want to go too. I want some candy,'” the mom said. “Nova was like, ‘Do you have money to get any candy?’ I saw it! I saw it happening.” 

Griffin, of course, didn’t have any money because he always spends his allowance as soon as he gets it. 

“She was like, ‘Do you want to clean the playroom? I’ll give you some money. The $10 offer passed. You’re only getting $5 now,'” the mom said as her jaw dropped. 

Little Nova sure did know exactly how to outsmart her brother, save money and get away with not cleaning the playroom. 

The video received over 16 million views on TikTok

“Nova is gonna be a billionaire,” someone joked

“That girl is going places,” another said

“You are raising her right, momma,” a user added

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