4-year-old breaks down when she sees her hair, and dad responds in the sweetest way

This TikTok parent shared how he responded when his 4-year-old started crying about her hairstyle and it’s so sweet!

Mason (@toddlertok) is a parent who shares adorable videos of his two kids on TikTok. The doting dad often shares videos of himself styling his 4-year-old daughter Berks’ hair, but one hairstyling video in particular captured the hearts of TikTok.

In the video, Mason shows how he handled the moment Berks started crying when she didn’t like the hairstyle he chose, and it’s so heartwarming!


This is being 4 years old in a nutshell. 🥺 #girldad #fyp

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The video begins with Mason standing in the bathroom, his toddler daughter, Berks, seated on the counter next to the sink. Mason is styling his daughter’s hair and puts the final touches on a cute bun when the toddler suddenly starts crying. As Berks pouts, Mason rubs her shoulders, but the toddler is inconsolable.

“What’s wrong?” Mason asks his crying daughter.

The toddler continues to cry as her dad tries to figure out what has made her so upset. “Berks, what’s wrong?” he asks again. 

“I don’t like the way that you did my hair today,” the toddler finally responds through tears.

Mason remains calm, holding his daughter’s shoulders as he asks, “Okay. You want me to change it?”

Berks continues to cry as Mason springs into action. He pulls the scrunchie out of Berks’ hair, saying, “Here, okay.” 

He lets her hair down and begins brushing it as he asks, “What do you want to do?”

“Um,” the toddler replies, struggling to get her words out through her tears.

“I’ll do whatever hairstyle you want,” her dad offers, patiently.

“I want to do two little braids,” Berks finally replies, her tears slowing. 

Mason begins styling Berks’ hair the way she requested, parting her hair in half and tying it up with a hairband. 

“Like that?” he asks as he adds a hair tie to another piece of hair.  

“Yep, I like that,” Berks replies, calm now. 

“You like that?” Mason asks, and his daughter nods. 

“You look very beautiful,” Mason says, giving his daughter a kiss on the top of her head as the video ends. 

TikTokers applauded the way Mason handled the situation with his daughter. 

“You’re a good dad,” one TikToker wrote.

“I’m pregnant with our first child, a little girl. My husband has been watching your videos and learning. Thank you for sharing these moments, too,” commented another TikToker. 

Mason’s sweet moment with his daughter shows how a little patience can go a long way!

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