4-year-old reverses his toy car better than most adults can drive

A 4-year-old boy might hurt your feelings a little after you see him flex this very adult skill. 

Lin Lin from the Siping Jilin province in China can reverse his toy Jeep better than most adults can reverse their real cars. If you have any doubts, you’ll just have to watch this footage of him reversing his car between four rows of raw eggs. 

Lin Lin’s car is parked far away to make things fair. He reverses a tiny, red jeep to approach the rows of eggs. The attentive 4-year-old carefully makes his way between the eggs as he reverses. Lin Lin checks each side of the vehicle to ensure he is in the perfect position before completing the obstacle course. No cracked eggs here! 

Lin Lin’s father told Ruptly that his son taught himself how to drive with such precision. 

“He liked to watch me drive when I was young,” he told Ruptly. “Then suddenly one day he could drive himself. He can drive the toy car in by himself with a very small space.” 

The little one has numerous toy cars in different colors including the red Jeep, a red Corvette and a blue sportscar. 

According to Driving Crawley, what makes reversing so difficult is that drivers often look at their steering wheel instead of focusing on where they want to go. This causes sporadic driving but in reality, your brain can process how to steer without your eyes directly on the wheel. 

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