4-year-old brings mom to tears when she sings angelic rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’

This mom was brought to tears by her 4-year-old singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and people on TikTok can’t handle it!

Mom of two, Janine Fernandez (@ninasonline), recently shared a video of herself reacting to her 4-year-old daughter singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” — and just like this secret footage of a babysitter beautifully singing “Part of Your World,” the rendition is melting TikTokers’ hearts.

The clip, which has almost 10 million views, begins with footage of Fernandez and the words “My 4-year-old, ‘Mama can I try singing too?’” written on-screen. 

“Mama, are you ready?” asks a tiny voice offscreen. Fernandez nods, and the most pure rendition of “Over The Rainbow” commences. Her daughter’s melodic singing voice swells through the room, and Fernandez’s calm demeanor grows more emotional. 

In disbelief, Fernandez alternates between teary glances towards the camera and her daughter. Her expression beams with pride and amazement at her daughter’s beautiful voice. 

“Mama, did you like it?” asks the child, to which Fernandez responds through tears, “I LOVED it, baby.” 

While short, the video packs an emotional punch, and viewers on TikTok seem to agree. 

“She has such an angelic singing voice. She’s so precious!” commented one TikTok user. 

“My mom is sick in the hospital with COVID-19, and she sang this to me every morning when I was 4. I needed this,” noted another viewer. 

“Ma’am, I don’t want to sound dramatic… but I would die for your child,” someone else joked. 

Watching your kids develop and grow into their own is one of the best aspects of being a parent. Whether your children are learning how to talk, walk or sing, each milestone comes with its own sense of pride and achievement.

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