Keep kids occupied with these 5 ‘busy bag’ ideas

Busy bags are portable containers filled with fun and simple activities to keep children occupied all while improving their motor and cognitive skills! From the waiting room to an airplane, busy bags are a win for both parents and kids! Plus, busy bags are super easy to make with many materials available at your local dollar store. For parents looking for fun and exciting ideas for putting together these crafty containers, here are 5 different busy bag ideas. 

1. Felt Cupcake Tower Busy Bag

This busy bag includes all the ingredients for a delicious batch of felt cupcakes. You and your child can make this craft from scratch using colorful felt sheets. Start by pasting one sheet of beige felt on a thin, flexible piece of cardboard matching in size. Next, cut a tiered pastry stand along with cupcake wrappers, frosting, and any favorite toppings out of the other felt sheets. The portable and compactable pieces can easily fit a number of small pouches for some baking on the go!

2. Busy Bag Wedding Favors

Busy bags make a great wedding favor for any small guests attending the special day. Each of these busy bags includes a wedding activity coloring book dedicated to the couple, in addition to a set of crayons or colored pencils. In keeping with the romantic aesthetic, the bags are presented in a rustic wooden crate decorated with a charming makeshift banner labeled “Busy Bags.”  

3. Busy Bag For Toddler Development

Practice color, number, and letter recognition on the go with this busy bag set! The filmer uses 3-ring pencil pouches, each focusing on a specific area of cognitive development. An “alphabet matching” pouch features an assortment of rainbow letters that correspond to an alphabet chart. The pouch for practicing number recognition includes a colorful array of pipe cleaners, each tagged with a number corresponding to the number of beads strung. A pouch labeled “sight words” contains a series of short words affixed to a pipe cleaner with the matching arrangement of letter beads threaded through it, while a “name” pouch includes various shapes and styles of letters that spell out the child’s name. 

4. East At-Home Busy Box


I always make a busy box for the kids – it’s part of my dailyroutine. Earns me a few minutes of quiet. So easy! #activitieswithkids #busy #busybusy

♬ Them Changes – Thundercat

This super simple busy box is a great way for parents to score a few minutes of quiet time at home. Grab a plastic box or bin with compartments, then fill each section with assorted markers, crayons, sticky notes, scissors, glue sticks, and fun erasers. A deck of cards makes for a great alternative activity when the crafts aren’t cutting it anymore. 

5. Crayola-Themed Busy Bag

Busy bags come in all shapes and forms! This Crayola-themed travel busy bag contains all the colors of the rainbow and includes a ton of travel essentials for little ones, like a toothbrush holder, laundry bag, and neck pillow all in the shape of a crayon!

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