5 clever gift wrap hacks to make wrapping presents a breeze

This TikTok parent’s gift wrap hacks make wrapping any present a breeze!

Lindsay Roggenbuck (@lindsayroggenbuck) is a mom and TikToker who likes to share her favorite deals, tips, and hacks on the platform. So it’s no wonder that she’s a master when it comes to gift wrapping items of all shapes and sizes. You’ll never have to worry about how to wrap presents again, thanks to these tricks! 

1. Basic Wrapping Hack 

Cut your paper too short again? Not a problem. Instead of cutting an extra strip to tape to the back, turn the present so it’s diagonal to the paper. Then, pull the edges towards the middle to form a triangular flap, and fold those flaps over to finish. Don’t forget the bow!

2. Ribbon Handle Hack

Another unique way to wrap presents involves folding the sides towards the center and taping them as you’d usually do. Next, take a long piece of ribbon that’s thicker in size, put it at the end of the paper, and fold it down towards the gift. Once you’ve reached the end, flatten the edges and start tying a bow. The finished product is a present that resembles a festive handbag. 

3. Hack For Wrapping Oddly Shaped Gifts

For oddly shaped gifts like stuffed animals, cut the paper and fold into thirds, overlapping the sides before taping it. Then fold up the bottom, separate the two pieces, and flatten out the corners to create a diamond shape. Next, fold the top and bottom corners toward the middle and tape them in place. Tuck the item inside the opening and fold the top of the bag over to the back. Finally, punch two holes to thread a ribbon through before tying a bow. 

4. Hack For Wrapping A Bottle Of Wine 

Measure and cut your paper, leaving 2 inches from the bottom and 8 inches from the top. Then tape one side of the paper to the wine bottle before wrapping the other side around and taping. Next, cut 4-5 strips along the bottom side of the bottle and fold in and tape, then flatten the remaining paper and fold in accordion style until you’ve reached the top of the bottle. Once you’re at the top, tape the edges down on the backside. Using double-sided tape or one loop of regular tape, connect the two sides of the accordion to make a fan and accessorize with ribbons or a festive ornament. 

5. Hack For Wrapping Small Items 

Don’t let small items get lost in the fold, literally! Instead of wrapping paper, fill a clean plastic ornament with cotton balls to make it look like a snow globe before adding any little gifts. Add sequins or snippets of curly ribbon to make it extra festive. Tie the whole thing together by looping some ribbon or twine through the top hole of the ornament.

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