5 creative twists on the classic deviled egg

Everyone’s got their own take on deviled eggs. While classic deviled eggs are delicious in their simplicity, the crowd-pleasing hors d’oeuvre invites a variety of upgrades whether it’s spice, garnish, or aesthetic. If you’re looking to kick this appetizer up a notch, try these unique spins on deviled eggs. 

Air-fried deviled eggs (keto friendly)

This recipe adds a crunchy twist to your favorite deviled eggs recipe. After making your deviled eggs filling, roll your egg whites in some bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. Then put them in an air fryer until they’re toasted and golden brown. Then add your filling and top them off with some jalapeño and bacon if you want some extra bite. 

BEETing heart deviled eggs

This recipe is sure to brighten up any platter of deviled eggs. Just soak your boiled eggs in beet juice, sugar, and red wine vinegar for at least 4 hours. Once they’ve soaked for long enough, slice them in half, remove the yolks, and make your filling. Use your leftover beets as garnish!

Smoked deviled eggs

If you’ve wanted to marry your love of BBQ with your love for deviled eggs, this recipe is for you. It’s an awesome Southern take on the classic appy. First smoke your eggs in a grill. The TikTok video isn’t totally clear on the egg smoking process, but these instructions lay it out. Once smoked, remove the yolks and make the filling. This recipe uses pepper jelly to give the eggs a little extra oomph. They also top it off with andouille sausage for a meaty, smoky zip. 

Square deviled eggs (keto friendly)


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Sometimes you want to do something different with your deviled eggs without drastically changing how they taste. Enter square deviled eggs! This recipe has you separate your egg yolks and egg whites and bake them separately. Bake your egg whites in a square pan and then cut your baked egg square into smaller squares! Then make your filling with your baked egg yolks and other ingredients. Pipe that filling onto your egg white squares and you’ve got some bite-sized square deviled eggs. 

Angeled eggs

This one’s different! If you like deviled eggs but also have a sweet tooth, why not make a sweet deviled egg? Instead of putting an egg yolk filling into your hard-boiled egg whites, this recipe replaces it with cookie dough. But wait, there’s more. They also add chocolate drizzle and sprinkles. This recipe probably isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely for someone. 

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