5 fun DIY puzzles and board games kids will love

There are many benefits to making your own games and puzzles. In addition to saving money and protecting the environment, DIY toys and games can help kids develop their creative muscles and motor skills.

Instead of spending a fortune on puzzles and games with many easily misplaced little parts, consider making these 5 DIY puzzles and games made from objects you already own. 

1. DIY Watermelon Ball-In-The-Hole Puzzle

This homemade take on the classic ball-in-the-hole puzzle is a fun way for little ones to practice their dexterity. The crafting process involves some cardboard, paint, glue, and beads. Cut and paint the cardboard into the desired shape, then poke a cluster of holes through it. Make sure the holes are big enough to fit the beads but small enough so they won’t fall through the bottom. Finally, using a hot glue gun, attach strips of cardboard to the sides of the base as an added layer of security to prevent beads from escaping. 

2. DIY Sensory Busy Board

Sensory boards are a fantastic way to encourage children’s natural curiosity through various shapes and objects. But no need to break the bank with a store-bought version when you can make your own sensory board with items from your home or the clearance section at any store. This particular board includes a bell, different locks, an abacus, and a fidget spinner, amongst other utility materials. 

3. DIY Popsicle Stick Shape Puzzle 

Help your child learn their shapes with this homemade popsicle stick puzzle. Place two large sticks next to each other, then draw or paste on a specific shape. Once there are enough figures to choose from, have your child match the popsicle sticks up with each other. 

4. DIY Pom-Pom Tetris Puzzle

This homemade rendition of the classic game is another excellent option for nurturing your little one’s cognitive development. The filmer begins by drawing a grid on a sheet of cardboard. Next, they hot glue a pom-pom to the middle of each square in the grid. After placing a matching piece of gridded cardboard on top, they trace over the pom-poms then cut out the holes. Finally, they outline each hole with the color of its corresponding pom-pom before slicing the grid into Tetris pieces. 

5. DIY Caterpillar Puzzle

Not only is this puzzle a great way to repurpose those leftover food pouch tops, but it can also help with your child’s fine motor skills, color recognition, and hand-eye coordination! The filmer glues an assortment of rainbow tops in a caterpillar formation on an old shoebox. Don’t forget the googly eyes! 

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