5 fun ways to keep kids pleasantly occupied during long trips

One of the biggest traveling stressors for parents is figuring out how to keep kids entertained during long trips. While there’s nothing wrong with video games and movies, there are plenty of DIY traveling activities kids will love that don’t require batteries or screens. Here are 5 fun ways to keep kids pleasantly occupied during long trips. 

1. DIY Magnetic Legos & Puzzles

This traveling hack puts the magic of magnets on full display. All you need is a basic metal cookie sheet, small adhesive magnets, some of your child’s Legos, and a small puzzle. Stick the magnets on the bottoms of the Legos and puzzle pieces, and kids can play with them on the cookie sheet without any objects falling off. 

2. Dry-Erase Coloring Kit

Never run out of pages to color, thanks to this DIY dry-erase coloring kit. Use a colorful binder to hold various coloring pages and construction paper in plastic page protectors and a pouch containing dry-erase markers, crayons, stickers, pencils, or any other supplies. Kids can draw and color to their heart’s content with the dry-erase pages. 

3. DIY Busy Board

This busy board holds true to its name. The filmer glues various sensory objects to a wooden board such as a zipper, a little picture book, a little tub of playdough, and a plastic dog poop bag dispenser to pull ribbons. The filmer also includes some DIY sensory activities like a clothespin animal, a curtain of rainbow ribbons, and car stickers that stick onto a velcro road. 

4. Busy Bag Kits

Goodie bags containing an assortment of surprises are a great way to engage kids during trips. This busy bag includes gel window stickers, markers, a notebook, a Spider-Man coloring book, and a light-up ring for a mini backseat rave. 

5. I-Spy Jar

In addition to being a fun distraction, I-Spy jars are super easy and inexpensive to make. Fill a plastic container with rice, beads, beans, or other small packaging objects, then add various eye-catching items and toys for your kids to look for and find. Kids will have a blast shaking the container around in search of each hidden surprise.

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