5 gorgeous mochi recipes

Mochi is a bite-size Japanese treat made of sweet glutinous rice flour wrapped around a sugary filling. It’s perfect for a hot day, and thanks to TikTok, it’s easier than ever to make it at home. Whether rolled in cocoa powder or shaped like a cartoon frog, there are many ways to mold the mochi of your dreams. Here are 5 mochi recipes that are almost too pretty to eat!

1. Strawberry ice cream mochi


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This mochi recipe will have you thinking pink! TikTok user Joanne L. Molinaro’s process for making this strawberry ice cream mochi is just as lovely as the finished product. Freeze-dried strawberries and vanilla ice cream result in a dusty rose-colored finish that will remind you of your childhood summer. These pretty pastries are best enjoyed in a cottage.

2. Persimmon mochi

Full of vitamins and minerals, a persimmon is a fruit known for its versatility and striking orange color. It also happens to be the perfect ingredient for a mochi filling! TikToker Jen Dao (@jenhdao) makes the mochi’s fruity filling using diced-up pieces of fresh persimmon for a colorful bite that packs a punch.

3. Cocoa powder mochi

Calling all chocolate lovers! This recipe will have you going cuckoo for cocoa-powdered mochi. The process begins with the usual mochi-making steps but departs from tradition with a big bowl of cocoa powder. Generously roll each mochi ball in the cocoa powder for an extra chocolatey bite.

4. Frog-shaped mochi

This mochi rendition is as adorable as it is tasty. To maintain the recipe’s green color scheme, fill your mochi balls with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Use extra mochi and dark chocolate to transform the frozen treat into a frog. 

5. Mochi with fresh fruit


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Fresh fruit is a perfect addition to any dessert, and mochi is no exception. TikToker and chef Vivian Aronson (@cookingbomb) wraps the mochi dough around fresh strawberries and oranges for a fun, fruity optical illusion. (She makes a few with red bean paste, too!)

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