5 kid-friendly DIY holiday card ideas

What better way to get kids involved in the holidays than with homemade cards? DIY holiday cards are not only a super fun activity, but they’re also meaningful keepsakes with priceless memories attached to them.

Whether they’re made from construction paper or pipe cleaners, friends and relatives will love receiving homemade cards from the little ones in their lives. Here are 5 homemade holiday card ideas to get you started!

1. Finger Painting Holiday Card

Children of all ages can get in on the fun with this finger painting holiday card. First, paint a small wooden square white. Next, have your child glue layers of different colored blue tissue paper on the square and then sprinkle on some glitter to create a snowy scene. Then, have them dip their fingers in white paint and press their fingerprints on the square vertically to make adorable snowmen. Finally, parents can help fill in the details using paint pens. 

2. Baby’s First Holiday Card


Make Christmas cards with us for Ace’s first Christmas! ❤️🥰 #HolidayCrafts #babyfeet #firstchristmas #babiesoftiktok #momsoftiktok #fyp

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This holiday card is a beautiful way to document your baby’s first holiday season. First, dip your baby’s foot in paint and then press the bottom of their foot on a sheet of paper. Once dry, decorate them with an assortment of paint, pom-poms, and googly eyes to turn your baby’s footprint into a reindeer, tree, or any holiday symbol. 

3. Construction Paper Candles Holiday Card

A little creativity and construction paper can take your holiday cards to the next level. Start by cutting long strips of red construction paper, then fold them into accordion shapes to create each candle’s body. Next, glue the red paper candles onto a card, then “light” them by gluing on yellow construction paper cutouts. Finally, decorate the base of the card with holly leaves made from green construction paper. 

4. Pipe Cleaner Holiday Card

Turn regular pipe cleaners into Christmas trees! This craft involves cutting green pipe cleaners into small pieces and then gluing them on a piece of paper to form a Christmas tree. The tree is decorated with a colorful assortment of pom-poms. A yellow pipe cleaner, folded into a star, tops the tree.  

5. Salt Painting Holiday Card

This holiday card doubles as a science experiment! Have your child use school glue to create a snowflake or favorite holiday figure. Next, have them cover the glue with salt and let it dry. Finally, have them lightly touch a paintbrush with watercolors onto the design and enjoy watching the paint travel through each figure.

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