5 lemon hacks on TikTok

When life gives you lemons… find a cool TikTok hack to get the most out of them! The citrus fruit, and the juice that comes from it, have tons of uses for recipes and even chores around the house. But don’t let dealing with lemons sour your mood! If you’re looking for some tips to squeeze the most out of your lemons, here are 5 TikTok hacks that’ll make using lemons easier than ever. 

Turning a lemon into a spray bottle


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To accomplish this hack, slice off both sides of a lemon, and insert a plastic spray nozzle. This will turn your lemon into a creative squeeze bottle! Lemon juice has tons of uses beyond providing flavor, like preserving produce and removing stains. 

The “roll and poke” lemon hack

This trendy TikTok hack will make sure you get tons of lemon juice from just a few squeezes. Start by rolling the lemon on a table to loosen it up. Then, take a skewer and stab it through the top of the lemon. Remove the skewer, and squeeze the lemon with the new hole facing down. Prepare to have your mind blown! 

Lemon ice cube hack 

If you don’t want your fresh lemonade to get too watery, soak a bunch of lemons, peel them, and put ‘em through the food processor. Then pour the juice into ice cube molds and freeze. These lemony cubes are perfect for lemonade or even a summer cocktail!  

Getting the most juice out of a lemon wedge


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This simple hack ensures that you get the most juice possible out of a single wedge. Cut off the end of a lemon, and make a small triangular slice (like a lemon Pac-Man). This will provide a smooth, easy squeeze every time, and will let you have better control over where the juice goes. 

Taking the stress out of your zest 

There’s nothing like a little lemon zest, but zesters can be hard to use and even harder to clean. Instead, this TikToker suggests placing a piece of parchment paper over the grates, so that your zest goes on the paper instead of on the tool. Then, simply brush the zest onto your dish! 

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