5-minute recipes from TikTok

Quick and tasty recipes are a weekday essential for home chefs that don’t have a lot of time. While most time-crunched cooks would settle for a recipe that takes under an hour, it turns out that delicious dishes can take just 5 minutes to make—and who doesn’t have 5 minutes?! Here are 5 of the best 5-minute recipes from TikTok

5-minute keto-friendly everything bagel snacks

This crunchy snack is everything you love about bagels, but without the carbs. Scoop out the seeds from a sliced cucumber, and spread some soft cream cheese inside. Then add smashed avocado and everything bagel seasoning. It’s a quick, healthy snack that’ll get you over an afternoon hump. 

5-minute air fried baked brie

A baked brie in 5 minutes?! You better believe it. Cut the top off a loaf of bread, and carve out the dough to make a bread bowl. Then add some sliced brie, fresh thyme, a drizzle of honey and the jam of your choosing. Then it’s off to the air fryer for 5 minutes at 360°F. You’ll want this recipe if you need a tasty appetizer in a pinch. 

5-minute vegan crispy black bean tacos 

Trying to pull off a last-minute taco tuesday? Look no further. This crispy, vegan taco recipe loads up a tortilla with avocado, beans, corn, fresh herbs, taco seasoning and salsa. Then it’s off to the frying pan for a crispy touch-up. Add vegan sour cream on the side if you wish, and enjoy your crispy 5-minute fiesta. 

5-minute vegan, gluten-free, microwave banana bread 


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If you’re new to the world of microwaveable mug cakes, you’re in for a (very quick) treat! This vegan, gluten free dessert is as simple as it gets. After making the batter, add chocolate chips and stick it in the microwave for 70-80 seconds. When the microwave beeps, you’ll be shocked by the delicious, moist banana bread that has magically appeared in your mug or bowl. 

5-minute creamy kimchi ramen 

This quick, flavorful dinner takes instant ramen to the next level. Start by pan-frying some kimchi, then add in some milk and instant noodles. Toss in the seasoning packet, add water and chopped onions, stir it up, and enjoy! The filmer says this dish tastes like a “spicy mac ‘n cheese,” which should be enough to convince you to try this out. 

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