5 sweet Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spread some love by getting the whole family involved in a few creative and kid-friendly crafts. Whether it’s a personalized card or a homemade present, friends and relatives will love receiving heartfelt keepsakes from the little ones in their lives. From hearts to flowers, here are 5 DIY Valentine’s Day crafts perfect for kids of all ages!

1. Valentine’s Day Hedgehog Hearts

There’s nothing prickly about this hedgehog! Begin by cutting tiny hearts out of a colorful assortment of construction paper. Next, cut out an oblong-shaped piece of gray construction paper for the hedgehog’s body. Finally, have your child glue the hearts onto the back of the hedgehog to create its spikes. Complete the hedgehog with a smile and a little pink nose. 

2. Valentine’s Day Towel Teddy Bear

Turn a basic towel into a teddy bear with this craft! First, grab a small beige washcloth and lay it flat. Next, roll the bottom of the washcloth up halfway, then repeat with the top end, leaving the two rolls touching each other in the middle of the cloth. Flip the washcloth over, and find the center. Twist one end of the washcloth, fold it three-quarters down, and fasten with a rubber band. Unfold some creases at the top, then tie a rubber band on each side to form the ears. Finally, decorate the teddy bear with a ribbon and heart-shaped paper cutouts. 

3. Valentine’s Day Pipe Cleaner Rose Rings

A little creativity and some pipe cleaners can go a long way. Begin by taking several pipe cleaners and evenly stacking them from end to end. Next, twist them together in the middle. Then, place the middle of the twisted section under and around your finger, making sure the ends are even on both sides. Create the flower petals by separating the pipe cleaners to form a circle, then roll each pipe cleaner into a spiral until you reach the middle. 

4. Valentine’s Day Paper Towel Roses

The flowers in this arrangement are guaranteed to live forever. First, dye a few paper towel sheets red or pink. Next, fold each paper towel in half, forming one long rectangle. Then, fold the paper towel lengthwise about half an inch. Fold over a corner on one of the shorter sides, then place a twisted piece of wire on that end before wrapping the paper towel around itself to form the rose petals. 

5. Valentine’s Day Handprint Gnomes

This easy craft is perfect for tiny hands. Begin by tracing your child’s hand on a piece of paper. Next, cut out the handprint and turn it upside down. Create the gnome’s hat by gluing a colorful paper triangle over the handprint cutout. Use a pom-pom for the gnome’s nose, then finally decorate with various hearts and other Valentine’s Day symbols.

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