5 TikTok boba recipes that will boost your bubble tea game

Boba is taking over TikTok, and it’s easy to see why. The colorful tapioca pearl-filled drinks are aesthetically pleasing and fun to eat! Boba — which originated in Taiwan — can actually refer to the drink in its entirety as well as the little balls themselves, which are made from cassava starch. 

The drink in its most basic form is made up of black tea, milk, ice and the chewy bubbles. It all gets stirred together and served with a wide straw to accommodate the tapioca beads at the bottom. Boba can also be called bubble tea, pearl tea and tapioca tea. Whatever you call it, it’s delicious! Now that the basics are out of the way, here are five ways to up your boba game. 

  1. Pink pineapple boba

this pink pineapple boba was SO GOOD!!🧋🍍💕 inspired by @emilylfigueroa! #boba #bubbletea #recipe #homecafe #aesthetic

♬ Sorry, I Like You – Burbank

If there’s one thing boba has down pat, it’s #aesthetic. This fresh and fruity pink pineapple boba is a feast for your eyes and taste buds. TikTok user @feedmeimei made her own bubbles out of the bright fruit and poured them into an adorable carton-shaped glass.

2. Whipped coffee boba tea


Whipped Coffee boba tea! See how many people helped me whipping this😂, this is a must try!#whippedcoffee#bobatea#bubbletea#cooking #asianfood#loop

♬ Moon (And It Went Like) – Kid Francescoli

The fluffy texture of whipped coffee is a match made in heaven for boba’s bouncy balls. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to start your day.

3. Kirby boba tea


Kirby has CAKE THO 🎂 first time making KIRBY BOBA 💗 #boba #bubbletea #homecafe #kirby #kawaii #drink

♬ Super Smash Brothers Melee (Menu Theme) – Blue Brew Music

The cool thing about boba is that you can make it look however you want. This gaming fan chose to make her boba in the shape of Kirby and stars. She even made the drink look like clouds in the sky so that the Kirby tapioca balls could fly. Imagination knows no bounds!

4. Boba jelly pudding


Bubble tea jelly/pudding #boba #milktea #bubbletea #bobapudding #milkteapudding #learnontiktok #learnontitkok #easyrecipe

♬ original sound – 🌞 – Adiva selsa

Boba is all about texture, so this wiggly boba jelly really ups the ante. Just cook your whole boba drink with some agar-agar or gelatin for five minutes. Then pour the bubble tea back into your cup and refrigerate for three hours. Once chilled, turn your cup upside-down, and you’ve got your very own wiggly boba pudding tower!

5. Brown sugar boba tea


Tapioca pearls from scratch – My boyfriend makes me boba at home ❤️#bubbletea #boba #pearls #milktea #brownsugar #brownsugarboba #tapiocapearls

♬ River Flows In You (Arr. Piano) – Music Lab Collective

If you’ve been feeling iffy about boba, this one should sweeten the deal. Brown sugar boba is becoming an increasingly popular flavor and is made in a few different styles, including one with a torched crispy top.

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