5 TikTok smoothie bowls that are as beautiful as they are delicious

Smoothie bowls are the closest thing to having ice cream for breakfast without actually having ice cream for breakfast. They’re cold, they’re sweet, and you can make pretty much any combo you want and then finish it all off with a variety of different toppings like nuts, fruit, or granola! But don’t forget to take a picture before you eat it, because these bowls are gorgeous! Here are 5 TikTok smoothie bowls that are as beautiful as they are delicious. 

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl with Tapioca Boba


Reply to @h.e.f.e How to make a Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl with Tapioca Boba #smoothiebowl #boba #healthyrecipes

♬ Mad at Disney – salem ilese

This vibrant smoothie bowl will surely brighten your morning. The filmer blends frozen dragon fruit with a whole banana to make her smoothie base. She tops it off with spoonfuls of chia pudding, peanut butter, and cubed dragon fruit. For a chewy component, she adds some tapioca boba, and grain-free granola for a little extra crunch! 

Toffee Peanut Butter Açai Bowl

Toffee and toasted pecans add some richness to this smoothie bowl. It blends frozen bananas, an açai packet, coconut water, Medjool dates, cinnamon, vanilla, and toasted pecans for the base and tops it off with coconut flakes, goji berries, granola, and nut butter!

Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl with Hard Shell


Reply to @desmondmitchell06 Ramadan Day 10. #Magicshell #Smoothiebowl from @cookingwithayeh. #ramadanrecipes #ramadanfood #vegan

♬ Taste It – Ikson

This smoothie puts the “break” in breakfast! It comes with a hard chocolate shell that you have to smash open with a spoon in order to reach the creamy smoothie base. After you blend your ingredients to make your smoothie, create the shell layer by mixing coconut oil, cacao powder, and maple syrup. Then pour your liquid mixture on top of your smoothie and freeze it until the top is hardened. 

Capri Sun Smoothie Bowl

If you’re after unique colors in your smoothie bowls, give this one a try! It uses orange juice, banana, frozen pineapple, oranges, and strawberries, and a frozen packet of Capri Sun to achieve the sunset orange color. The filmer tops it with more fruit like sliced banana, strawberries, and kiwi for a little slice of paradise!

Banana-free Smoothie Bowl

Bananas are pretty foundational to smoothie bowls, but they can definitely be made without the yellow fruit. This recipe uses a bunch of frozen fruit like blueberries, pomegranate, coconut, dragon fruit, and coconut water for the liquid. It makes just as creamy a base as a banana-friendly smoothie bowl.

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