5 times Fiona the Hippo completely stole our hearts

Fiona the Hippo has been breaking the internet since she was just a tiny premature calf at the Cincinnati Zoo three years ago.

When she was born, she was unable to stand or eat on her own — but since, her fans around the globe have watched her grow into a healthy, 1,300-pound beast.

Here are five times Fiona has made our day over the past few years:

1. Any time she plays with bubbles

2. When she danced like a ballerina

3. She somehow managed to make farting graceful

4. Who can forget when she surfed on her mom’s back?

5. When she flashed her pearly whites

Fiona might not be the pint-sized cutie she once was, but she still has a hippo-sized space in our hearts. 

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