5 ways to make bath time a blast for kids

Bath time can be a battle when you have young children. Many little ones are anxious about the possibility of getting soap and water in their face and eyes or slipping under the water. It’s normal for most children to evade bath time. But no need to worry if your child runs for the hills whenever it’s time to wash up, because here are 5 ways to make bath time a blast! 

1. Bath Bomb Hack

This bath time hack is a fun way to involve kids in their nighttime routine by letting them select a favorite bath bomb to place in the tub. Load up a clear container with an assortment of bath bombs of all colors and sizes. Having a candy-colored bath bomb collection within sight can help kids get excited for the next time they get to plop one in the water and watch it unleash a pleasant aroma and a pop of color. 

2. Glow Stick Bath Time Rave 

Turn the bathtub into a kid-friendly nightclub! Decorate the bathtub and surrounding area with an assortment of colorful glow sticks. After drawing a bath, throw in some waterproof light-up toys and extra glow sticks. When it’s time for a bath, turn off all lights for the full nightlife effect. Throw on some dubstep (or music of your choice) and scrub!

3. DIY Bath Crayons

Make your own bath crayons with only 2 ingredients! Using a grater, shave any leftover soap into a bowl, then add your choice of crayons. After microwaving, fill a marinade syringe with the mixture, and let it set in the freezer. Once frozen, the bath crayons are ready for your child to create their next masterpiece on the bathroom tiles

4. Numberblock Bath Buddies

Who says bath time can’t be fun and educational? Place stacks of plastic cubes along the inner wall of the tub. Then throw in waterproof toy numbers that correspond to the amount of cubes in each block tower. During bathtime, have your child search for each stack’s matching number.  

5. Easter Egg Letter Hunt

Combine playtime, bath time, and lesson time all in one tub! First, get some plastic Easter eggs. Then using a permanent marker, write an uppercase letter on the top half of each egg and its corresponding lowercase letter on the bottom half. Separate the top halves from the bottoms, then throw them in the bath. Then have your child match each uppercase top to its lowercase bottom for a fun way to practice letter recognition through play.

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