5-year-old girl pulls off impressive feat in under a minute

This acrobatic trick would be impressive if an adult did it, but 5-year-old Li Jiamin makes it all the more show-stopping. 

Jiamin, who lives in northern China, did 60 backflips in a mere 40 seconds. The girl began training with her father, a martial artist, when she was four years old after he noticed she was interested in flipping. The 5-year-old’s dream is to enter the Guinness World Record and by the looks of it, she is on the right track. 

Footage shows Jiamin on a red mat that’s balanced atop a couch. The small girl does the 60 backflips continuously, without taking a breath. The thumping sound of each landing reverberates in the room. Her father can be heard counting offscreen. She’s a beast. 

Another scene in the video, shows the little one in pink slippers practicing outside. She backflips along the white lines on the pavement, unfazed by the hard cement. Then she pulls off a few more flips on cobblestone. 

This isn’t the first time China was home to a prodigious gymnast. In 2018, a clip of an unidentified 5-year-old went viral on the Instagram account yushan_airtracks. The little girl managed 20 back handsprings in a row in just 11 seconds. 

Looks like these two might be competing together someday!

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