TikTok is ‘sobbing’ over 5-year-old who notices mom wearing makeup for the first time: ‘Mom did something right’

A little girl is her mom’s personal hype woman, and TikTok is getting emotional over it. 

Kendall Smith knew exactly how her sweet daughter would react when she saw her mommy wearing makeup. And so, of course, the mother recorded the moment on TikTok.

Smith was picking her daughter up from school, but this day was a little different from the others. 

“So I am pulling up to get my daughter from school, and I never wear makeup,” Smith said. “She is my biggest hype man. So I know when she gets in the car — she’s five years old — she is gonna hype me up. Watch. Just watch.” 

Her daughter got into the car. At first, the two exchanged hellos. Then, the five-year-old noticed her mom looked a bit different today. 

“How was your day?” Smith asked.

“Good. You look so beautiful!” the daughter responded.

“You look beautiful! I love you. Thank you!” the mom said.  

‘I would simply start sobbing…’

Many people praised Smith for raising such a kind daughter. The video received over 10.5 million views. 

“She gets her beautiful soul from her mama, you can tell,” one person commented

“Mom did something right,” another wrote

“I would simply start sobbing,” a user said.

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