6 baby hacks for new parents

Whether you’re a first-time parent or parent of six, you can never have too many tricks at your disposal to make life easier. Because as rewarding as parenting is, it can also be challenging. When you’re overwhelmed and exhausted, you’ll take all the tricks and tips you can get! Here are six baby hacks from TikTok that will make your parenting journey a little easier. 

1. Playtime Hack

Keep kids busy in their highchairs with a glittery sensory bag! Begin by filling a resealable plastic bag with water and colorful plastic confetti. Then tightly seal the bag to prevent any glitter spillage. Finally, tape the bag onto the highchair tray, and voila! Be sure to stay within arm’s length of your baby when playing with this toy to avoid any potential injuries.

2. Teething Hack 

Use a mango to soothe fussy, teething babies! First, cut up a mango seed, leaving a good amount of fruit meat still on the seed. Then give it to your teething tot and enjoy the quiet while they enjoy the mango. Check with your pediatrician or pediatric dentist first to make sure this is compatible with your baby’s health needs.

3. Gas Relief Hack


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Relieve baby’s gas with this gentle hack! Lay your baby on their back and then gently move their legs back and forth in a bicycle motion. After doing this about 5 times with each leg, gently straighten out your baby’s legs. Then press their legs up towards their tummy so your baby can pass their gas!

4. Bathtime Hack 

Keep your baby warm and calm during bathtime! First, you’ll need a good baby bath seat. Then once the water is the right temperature for your baby, gather some lavender shampoo and a receiving blanket. Soak the receiving blanket in the water, and lay it over the bath seat, then place your baby underneath the blanket. During bathtime, lift one area of the blanket, making sure to keep it damp and warm while you wash your baby with soothing lavender shampoo. Like one TikTok user commented, “Oh, to be a baby receiving a warm bath.” 

5. Sleeping Hack

Help babies self-soothe at nighttime with this pacifier hack! Have multiple pacifiers within your baby’s reach in or around their crib. This method will help your baby soothe themselves back to sleep if and when they wake up in the middle of the night.

6. Diaper Changing Hack 

Avoid messes after diaper blow-outs with this clever onesie hack! Every parent knows that removing a onesie after a diaper blow-out or throw-up incident can be a challenge. To prevent the mess from getting everywhere, keep the bottom of the onesie snapped closed. Then, using the shoulder flaps, pull the onesie down instead of over your baby’s head. This way, the mess stays contained and not all over your baby.

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