6 delicious single-serving desserts you can make in a mug

Do you ever want a cookie or a brownie but don’t want to make an entire batch? If you answered yes, then you need to make friends with mug desserts. Mug desserts are single-serving treats that you bake in a microwave in a mug. There’s a single-serving mug dessert for every kind of sweet tooth, and here are 6 amazing recipes to prove just that. Easy as (mug) pie!

Chocolate chip cookie

You can never have just one chocolate chip cookie. But if your chocolate chip cookie batch yields just one serving, then you’ve found yourself a life hack. This mug recipe fits that bill. It provides instructions and ingredients on how to quickly and easily bake a chocolate chip cookie in a mug. 

Cinnamon roll

Homemade cinnamon rolls can be intimidating, so cinnamon rolls in a mug are a great place to start for novice bakers. 

Apple crumble 

This seasonal favorite is the perfect handheld treat for fall but it’s delicious all year round. Be sure to top your mug apple crumble with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the ultimate experience.

Jam filled donut

This recipe somehow manages to make a mug meal look classy. If you want to get a little fancy with your mug dessert, give this jam filled donut recipe a try. The only thing you might regret about making this is that you only have one. 


Who can resist a gooey, chocolate brownie? Believe it or not, but spooning a brownie out of the ergonomic receptacle known as the mug only heightens the typical brownie-eating experience. 

Oreo mug cake

This mug cake recipe is like the mug brownie but with a surprise inside. The Oreo mug cake really shows off how multi-talented Oreo cookies are. Yes they’re great on their own, but they also shine when they’re baked into your mug cake. 

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