6-month-old is angry to discover she only has 1 mouth in hilarious TikTok

This 6-month-old baby was hilariously upset when she wanted to eat multiple snacks but realized she only had one mouth!

Bel (@nomnombel) is a baby whose parents love sharing her adorable hijinks on TikTok. They describe her as a “chunky little bean” who “loves to eat and loves everything.” Bel’s love of food was put on hilarious display in a recent video, in which the confused baby attempts to eat multiple snacks but is upset to realize she only has one mouth. 


Bel at 6 month. She learned she only has one month and I learned you can’t laugh at her while eating😂 #blw #funnybaby #cryingbaby

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The video begins with the 6-month-old sitting in a high chair wearing a pink polka dotted shirt. Bel has a piece of broccoli in her mouth, but there are also several more pieces of food sitting on the high chair tray in front of her.

Bel reaches out and grabs one piece of food in each hand. She lifts one piece of food to her mouth, but can’t put it in because her mouth is still full of broccoli. Instead, she drops the food back onto the tray. 

Watching the confused baby try to eat too many foods at once, Bel’s parents begin to giggle. Unfortunately, the baby doesn’t enjoy being laughed at any more than she enjoys not being able to eat all of her snacks at once. As Bel’s parents laugh, Bel begins to cry. 

At first, she cries softly, but then the cry turns into a full scream. The entire time the baby cries, however, she never releases the piece of broccoli from her mouth. 

“She has learned she has only one mouth,” One of Bel’s parents writes in a caption on the video. “And I learned you can’t laugh at her while eating.”

Viewers were cracking up at the baby’s struggle to eat all her snacks at once. 

“I too cry when I can’t shovel food into my face at Mach speed,” joked one TikToker

“I felt this in my soul,” another viewer wrote. 

“My 6-month-old gets mad because she can’t put toys in her mouth while the pacifier is in there,” another parent commiserated. 

Bel certainly has a bright future as a foodie ahead of her!

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