7-year-old stuns mom by secretly spending $6,000 in iPad app add-ons: ‘I take responsibility’

A mom discovered her 7-year-old boy had secretly been making a ton of in-app purchases.

When kids are online, they can absent-mindedly tap buttons and click on things without knowing what they really mean. TikToker @lynderella37_boymom made a horrifying discovery when she checked her in-app purchases. Someone had racked up thousands of dollars in add-ons. The mother discovered that the culprit appeared to be a bite-size maverick. 


fYI- fingerprint access=access to App Store!..his defence: the 3yo told me to- will post Part 2 when we find out!! #expensivemistake #momfail #viral

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“Who spent $6,000 on app add-ons?! 85 add-ons ranging from $7 to $170?!” She said, scrolling through each purchase. “My 7-year-old. His defense: the 3-year-old told me to.” 

She added that she planned to “take away the iPad and hopefully get a refund!” Apparently, the kiddo was using fingerprint access to buy things in the App Store. The password that would have prevented the nightmare had been disabled, but she didn’t know it at the time. 

The video received over 795,000 views on TikTok. Some people could even relate to the tricky situation. 

“My son did this once, not nearly this much money, but one time. And he learned,” someone commented

“OMG! My son did $300 once and I thought that was bad,” another said

“I did this when I was younger,” a user wrote

The mom provided a follow-up, and it honestly didn’t have a happy ending. 

“Found out we will not be refunded the $6,000,” @lynderella37_boymom said. “We all make mistakes, and this was a BIG one. I take responsibility, but I can still feel sad about it.” 

Use this mother’s story as a cautionary tale. When you give a kid an iPad, parental controls are everything. 

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