8-month-old boy melts hearts after he sees himself for the first time with glasses

One baby is getting to see himself for the first time and it’s so pure. 

Amber Riggs’ 8-month-old son was diagnosed with hypermetropia, a condition where close objects look blurred, and accommodative esotropia, which is when the eyes are misaligned. Riggs shared the touching video of her son receiving his first pair of Miraflex glasses on TikTok

“My baby finally being able to see for the first time, then him seeing himself!” the mother wrote in the caption


My baby finally being able to see for the first time, then him seeing himself! #fyp #mamalove #babylove #mamasoftiktok #sweetheart

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In the clip, the bespectacled baby boy looks absolutely giddy as his gaze wanders around the room. When Riggs shows him his own reflection, his face his filled with joy, bewilderment and awe. 

Miraflex glasses are small, metal-free spectacles that are safe for children to wear. Riggs’ son clearly rocks the look very well. 

“As you can tell, he was extremely excited and overwhelmed,” she told Newsflare. “He adored looking at himself!”

TikTok adored looking at him too. The video racked up 9.4 million views. 

“Omg. The excitement he has being able to see made my night so precious,” one user wrote

“This warms my heart,” another said

“My heart! This is so great. He’s so excited that he can see,” someone added

Eyesight issues are fairly ubiquitous, but some don’t know that even babies as young as 3 months old can wear glasses. Early signs of vision difficulties are a lack of eye contact, when an infant doesn’t watch a favorite object when you move it (like a pacifier) or constant squinting. 

If you notice any of these signs in your child, be sure to consult a pediatrician. But if your baby has to wear glasses, rest assured that everyone thinks they look pretty darn cute with ’em on. 

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