8-month-old girl tries on first prosthetic arm in emotional TikTok

This viral video of a baby girl receiving her first prosthetic arm is sure to hit you hard in the feels. 

TikTok user Naomi-Krizvany Wolf Matheus shared a video of her daughter Leia putting her prosthetic on for the first time. Leia has a limb difference and requires the use of a prosthetic right arm that connects to her elbow.

The emotional moment she put on her first prosthetic received over 2.3 million views on the social media platform — probably because it’s pure joy. 

The video began with someone fastening the prosthetic arm onto Leia’s elbow. Leia looked at it curiously and at first, seemed pretty uninterested. But when her father tapped the prosthetic, she moved her arm back and forth in total awe of her body. Leia smiled and watched her prosthetic closely. Then finally she held her hands together as if to make the integration complete. 

“Aww, my heart melts. So happy for you sweet angel,” one user wrote.

“Her eyes show her happiness. She likes it,” another person commented.

“Why the heck am I crying?” someone said.  

Experts recommend fitting infants with upper limb differences with prosthetics as early as possible. This makes it easier for children to adapt and grow with the prosthetics as they develop naturally.

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