8-month-old puts together her own outfit in adorable TikTok: ‘She has impeccable taste for a baby’

This baby picking out her outfit of the day is so adorable!

Chloè Amelle (@chloe_amelle) is a TikToker and mom to a darling 8-month-old named Indi. The dynamic duo are known for their videos on social media, particularly the ones where Chloè places baby clothes in front of Indi and allows her to choose her outfit.

In one such video, we see Chloè place a bright yellow jumper and a peaceful purple jumper in front of Indi and says, “Which one?” Indi opts for the brighter option, and we cut to her wearing the yellow jumper. 

Next up are socks. To go with her sunny jumper, Indi gravitates towards a pair of neutral, gray striped socks over a more colorful pair. It’s all about balance!

Now that socks are covered, it’s on to footwear. Indi chooses a pair of knit booties to go with her golden jumper and gray and white socks. 

Once socks and shoes are on, Indi and Chloè move on to headwear. Indi chooses a striking white headband with a bow on top over a smaller, yellow headband that also has a bow. 

With the outfit complete, it’s time for compliments! “You look so beautiful,” gushes Chloè offscreen as Indi smiles and plays with her headband. 

The sweet video was met with a flood of comments from viewers who couldn’t get enough of Chloè and Indi’s adorable clothing routine. 

“Is it just me or does she look like she takes a moment to really deliberate it, and she has impeccable taste for a baby,” observed one TikToker.

“After the first choice, I chose every piece opposite of her. No wonder her outfit looks better than mine ever do in real life,” wrote an aspiring fashionista. 

Whether you align with Indi’s outfit choice or not, everyone can agree that she is 100% adorable.

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