Mom hot-glues 800 ornaments around her doorway to create a stunning Christmas arch

A mom proved she was in the Christmas spirit with one epic DIY project. 

The holiday season is the perfect time to get creative with decorations. When you hang ornaments, wreaths and decor outside your home, it can get the whole community in the mood for winter fun. TikTok mom Anne McSherry decided to keep one of her most innovative Christmas projects inside her home. 

The mother used chicken wire, floral wire and a whopping 800 ornaments to create a stunning holiday doorway. McSherry placed the wire around a room’s arched entryway. She then used a hot glue gun to attach 800 ball ornaments in red, gold, silver, blue, purple and green. 

Some of the orbs had stripes, some were metallic and others were solid. The doorway had a stunning whimsical effect that brought some major Christmas vibes. 

“Got a lot half-off at Hobby Lobby and super cheap bags of them at thrift stores,” McSherry said as to how she could afford so many ornaments. 

The video received over 2.2 million views on TikTok. People found it inspiring.

“Looking around my house, trying to decide which door I’m doing like this,” a user said

“That’s a lot of ornaments but it came out so beautifully,” another wrote

“I sent this to my husband and he starts looking around our house to see where we could do this,” someone commented

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