82-year-old releases debut single, a song he wrote about his wife when they were teens

An 82-year-old grandpa from Philadelphia just released his debut single. 

Morton Block has had the lyrics to the song “My Love” in his head for 64 years. He released the dreamy jazz tune on March 18. A couple of days later, a clip of the song featuring vintage footage of his wife — the subject of the romantic song — racked up over 1.5 million views on TikTok

“Hard to put into words how incredible it is to drop my first single at 82 years old,” Morton wrote in the video caption. “Especially because I wrote this for my wife. This is 16-millimeter footage from our honeymoon in Miami, 1961.” 

In the old recording, his wife is wearing a striped swimsuit by the pool. She ties a yellow scarf around her blonde hair to adjust a woven sunhat. Then, she swims in the pool and is all smiles. 

Back in 1958, Morton was 19 when he met his wife Susan at 17, according to Newsweek. They went on a date in Atlantic City, and he was head-over-heels. Then, he was promptly deployed to Europe as a member of the navy. 

“I knew she was the one. But I wasn’t sure she felt the same way about me,” Morton told People. “I thought, ‘I’m going to write my feelings down and put them to music.'”

 It was during this time the lyrics and melody to “My Love” came to him. 

“I miss you more each day since you’ve gone away. I long for your touch. I need you so much, my love,” Morton sang

Morton’s plan was to serenade Susan with the song the next time he saw her, and it worked. 

“He wooed me with music,” Susan told People

While Morton took up many trades during his life before retiring at 80, music was always a constant. His grandsons, Matt and Jacob Block, founded the record label La Reserve in 2017. 

Matt had heard his grandfather play the song and decided to officially release it on the label. The singer Benny Benack III then provided the vocals, and the rest is history. Now, the 82-year-old is experiencing a burst of energy and writing new songs again. 

“It’s inspired me and renewed my purpose,” Morton told People

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