9-year-old prodigy goes viral with Nirvana cover

Nandi Bushell will rock you. 

Having just starred in her own Christmas commercial for British retailer Argos, the 9-year-old British drumming phenom has again gone viral — this time, for her rousing cover of Nirvana’s “In Bloom.”

“I can jam to Nirvana In Bloom all day!” Nandi captioned a clip of her performance on Twitter. “I LOVE NIRVANA.”

Since the video was shared on Nov. 11, it has racked up over 9.5M views, as well as tons of encouraging comments from spectators and celebrities around the world who are just as in love with Nandi’s talents as they are with her wicked facial expressions. 

“The yelling is the best!” AFI’s Jade Puget wrote. “Everyone should scream like that when they’re playing their instrument.”

“Seeing a kid being so happy and having so much fun doing something they absolutely love (and being so talented at) is one of the best things in life you will ever see,” wrote another Twitter user. “You go girl!!”

“That’s exactly how drums should be played!” said a third. 

Since she was just 6 years old, Nandi has been sharing videos of her musical stylings on YouTube, with the help of her father, who she often plays alongside

Over the years, she has refined her talents and grown as a musician. She eventually joined Instagram less than two years ago, when she was 7, and has since amassed over 159,000 followers on the platform.

And, of course, since one talent is never enough, Nandi is also a certifiably amazing guitar player with a wardrobe to match. Rock on, kid.

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