A college student finding an NBA player in his Zoom class is the most 2020 thing ever

This might be what celebrity sightings look like in 2020.

University of Kentucky student Dylan Smith was totally caught off guard during his first Zoom class of the year. The reason? He was sharing a virtual class space with a famous athlete.

Smith shared his discovery on TikTok. In the clip, he reveals that he’s classmates with All-Star NBA point guard John Wall.

Wall, who is currently with the Washington Wizards, played college ball at Kentucky. He’s reportedly finishing his degree online while recovering from a major Achilles injury.

Whether Smith knew that or not, he certainly seemed impressed by the celebrity sighting.

“You’ll never guess who’s in my class,” he wrote in his video.


this is legit lmao ##foryou ##johnwall ##nba ##basketball

♬ Mood – 24KGoldn

In the clip, Wall looks just like any other student trying their best to pay attention. He’s seemingly sitting in a bed — just like Smith — with his microphone on mute.

According to the Wizards, who also shared the video on Twitter, Wall is getting a business degree. NBC Sports Washington reported that Smith’s video took place during a microeconomics class.

TikTokers seemed both impressed and stunned by Smith’s discovery.

“What’s he doing there?” one user asked.

“Ask him how his Achilles is doing I’m tryna see him play again,” another user asked.

“That’s actually insane. I miss John Wall in the league,” another wrote.

“Honestly good way to get through a year off,” another added.

In July, the Wizards traveled down to Orlando to participate in the NBA’s resumed season — although Wall stayed behind. Washington failed to make the playoffs, and the rest of the team is now back home awaiting another season, hopefully with its recovered (and college-educated!) point guard.

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