College student sparks internet firestorm with ‘sinful’ cooking failure: ‘I’ve never seen anyone do this’

If you’ve ever tried cooking in a dorm room — you might know the old “Keurig Stove” trick.

Basically, it involves using the instant coffee maker as a hot-water heater. It’s lazy, sure, but it’s also a perfectly simple solution when you’re short on supplies.

However, a college student is now going viral for showing how the method can backfire. The user, named superleo42, shared their “horrible” mistake on Reddit’s Well That Sucks forum.

“I forgot to take the old coffee pod out of the coffee maker before making cup noodles,” the student wrote.

The result? Instead of a serving of hot water for their noodles, superleo42 got a huge splash of coffee.

Naturally Reddit users had plenty to say about the mistake.

“I’ve never seen anyone do this before,” one commenter wrote.

“I’m very concerned about your diet,” another said.

“You’re killing two birds with one stone here,” another joked.

After many commenters joked about the idea of trying the concoction, superleo420 revealed in the comments that, in fact, they did take a bite.

“[It was] not great. But I’m too broke not to finish it,” they wrote.

Other Reddit users were confused as to why superleo42 was using a Keurig to make noodles in the first place. Many pointed out that kettles can be extremely inexpensive.

But some commenters came to the student’s aid, sharing their own similar experiences.

“I did this exact same thing about 2 years ago,” one user admitted. “Same donut shop coffee but the spicy chicken flavor. Seriously not good. Sometimes I wonder if the $1.50 was worth the permanent memory of that taste.”

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