A former Olive Garden employee made a TkTk about the ‘secrets’ of working there

A former Olive Garden employee is going viral after sharing the alleged “secrets” she learned at the restaurant.

Morgan Potter revealed the behind-the-scenes list on TikTok, in a video that’s drawn more than 740,000 views. In it, the 21-year old makes several claims about the job — both negative and positive.

For one, she called the training process “so much fun,” explaining that she was asked to try every item on the menu. Additionally, she claimed she got to eat the chain’s soup, salad and breadsticks “pretty much” for free during her shifts.

There were some negatives, though. Potter claimed that the soup, salad and breadsticks weren’t “really” unlimited for customers.

“There definitely was a point where I would cut people off,” she joked. “Too much is too much.”


I was sick of her calling the bread sticks just bread 🥖 -Morgan ##fyp ##olivegarden ##og ##waiter ##waitressproblems ##waitresslife

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Potter also alleged that most items were “microwaved” and not made fresh — including the “fresh” breed. However, she later clarified in the comments that she meant to say items were kept in a heating drawer.

The TikToker’s comments sparked a major debate on the app, with other former employees weighing in on her claims. Some said Potter was exaggerating certain details, like her claims about the reheated food and eating free bread on the job.

“OK your [Olive Garden] is totally different from mine,” one user wrote. “All our stuff is made fresh daily and our bread is baked all day.”

“At my restaurant we had to pay $1 for soup, salad and bread and we could only have it on our break,” another claimed.

“Our bread is made fresh at the store and only a little bit of the food is made microwaved,” another employee wrote.

Others supported Potter though, saying they experienced the same things at the location where they worked.

“Amen girl. I worked at Olive Garden. Everything you said is correct,” one user commented.

Potter’s video follows a recent TikTok trend, in which former restaurant employees having been sharing the alleged “secrets” they learned on the job.

In August, a former Panera Bread employee detailed the items you should “never” order at the chain. One month earlier, a former McDonald’s employee went viral for sharing her own behind-the-scenes knowledge.

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