A giant panda in China gave birth to twins — and the video is unreal

One panda is great, but two is almost too much to handle.

But that’s exactly what animal lovers around the world are getting, thanks to an adorable new video of a giant panda nursing its newborn twins.

The panda, named Fuwa, gave birth at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, according to the country’s Xinhua News Agency.

Experts at the zoo said the twins were a “surprising” arrival, as pandas generally don’t give birth in springtime.

“The twins are the earliest to be born in any year on record at the panda base,” Wu Kongju, who works at the center, said.

But for Fuwa, the mother, the births were nothing new. The giant panda has had eight cubs in total, giving birth a total of five times.

For now, the cubs are small and pink, but they’ll grow a recognizable black and white coat soon enough. But they won’t be grown-ups for quite some time: According to China Highlights, giant pandas take four to six years to fully mature.

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