A group of McDonald’s customers just took drive-thru to the next level

A group of McDonald’s customers is going viral after being caught in the midst of a pretty unconventional order.

The clip, which was shared on TikTok by a user named DurteDom, was seemingly filmed from a parking spot near the restaurant’s drive-thru window. It shows a group of customers riding in a pickup truck as they receive their order.

Except, there’s one thing slightly different about this exchange. The customers, rather than riding inside of the truck, are actually sitting in its back bed — soaking in what appears to be a strange, mobile swimming pool.


they had a pool in the back of their truck! 😭😂 @mattzworld @paperyates ##foryoupage ##foryou ##tiktok

♬ original sound – dominykas

As the two men, who are both shirtless, grab what appear to be McFlurrys, the truck begins to take off. Then the vehicle quickly slams on its breaks, tossing waves of water on top of the shirtless customers and their desserts.

It’s unclear if the hard stop was part of a larger prank, or if it was actually an unfortunate, ice cream-ruining accident. Either way, TikTok users flooded the video’s comments with hilarious praise.

“I wanna try this now,” one commenter wrote.

“Is it bad that I only feel bad for the McFlurrys?” another joked.

Meanwhile, others were far more critical of the stunt, calling the men’s behavior “dangerous.”

“That’s definitely illegal,” one user wrote.

“Doesn’t seem very safe,” another added.

It’s unclear whether or not the prank was, in fact, illegal. The laws surrounding a passenger’s ability to ride in the bed of a truck differ between states — some allow it, some ban it and some, like Nebraska or Nevada, have an age restriction.

That said, there doesn’t seem to be any law on the books when it comes to mobile swimming pools.

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