A group of TikTokers explored an allegedly ‘haunted’ California castle

A TikTok user is freaking out the internet after sharing her experience at a “haunted” abandoned property.

The woman, who goes by the username theycallmeashley, was exploring the San Bernardino Mountains with her friends. Her video shows what happened when they decided to visit Satan’s Castle, a compound of old buildings sitting atop the mountain range.

There are countless internet rumors claiming the castle once housed satanic rituals, and that it houses mysterious “secret tunnels.”

Theycallmeashley and her friends seemed keen to explore those rumors. Her TikTok, which has more than 718,000 views, details the group’s experience exploring the property.

“There’s a lot more twisted info I didn’t want to mention about this place,” the TikToker captioned her video.


There’s a lot more twisted info I didn’t want to mention about this place😰 https://hiddenca.com/portfolio/satans-castle/ ##fyp ##randonautica ##haunted

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Theycallmeashley’s clip claims that countless “sacrifices” were held at the castle, however there’s no official evidence to confirm that. Regardless, she and her friends seemed to be pretty creeped out.

“We dared to go inside but were too afraid of what we might see,” she says in her clip.

The TikToker added that the property, which supposedly burned down decades ago, appeared to still be in use. She claimed that the lights were on at the castle, and her video showed a new-looking door underneath its tower.

“Later that night, after doing more research, we found that the platform we were standing on was shaped like a pentagram,” the user claimed.

Almost every rumor about the property is unverified, but it’s clear TikTok users were scared by the video. Several commented on the clip with their own thoughts about the “haunted” place.

“So glad you didn’t go inside,” one user wrote. “I’m not joking. Pls don’t go there anymore.”

“You guys are TOO BRAVE! i would NEVER,” another added.

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