A KFC employee just showed how the chain makes its gravy — and TikTok is divided

A KFC employee is going viral on TikTok after showing how the chain makes its signature gravy.

The U.K.-based worker, posting under the name cheddar4.7, shared a behind-the-scenes video of the process, leaving viewers deeply, deeply divided.

Many commenters were grossed out by the process, while others said they were impressed by the “authentic” method.

Reactions aside, the video has managed to draw more than 610,000 views.


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In the clip, cheddar4.7 can be seen adding water to a container of “crackling,” which they describe as the pieces of chicken that come off as it’s cooked in the fryer. Then, they add a packet of what looks like seasoned flour.

From there, they stir the mixture and cook the gravy — stopping halfway through to re-stir. The end result is the thick, dark sauce that many KFC fans know and love.

It’s worth noting that the video was filmed in the U.K., so it’s possible the gravy-making process is different elsewhere. Regardless, TikTokers from around the world weighed in on the “gross” process.

“I wish I never saw this,” one user wrote.

“How can something that looks so bad taste so good?” another asked.

However, many users defended the recipe, saying that KFC makes gravy the “real” way. It’s true that many gravy recipes call for “crackling” (also called “drippings“), which involves using bits of leftover meat to add flavor.

“Do people not realize this is how actual gravy is made?” one user wrote.

“People in the comments obviously don’t understand what gravy is,” another added.

Chedder4.7 is just the latest TikToker to share some fast food secrets on the app. In June, a Subway employee went viral after showing how the chain’s tuna is made. The following month, a Chick-fil-A employee stirred controversy with her lemonade-making clip.

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