A professional Trader Joe’s sign artist is on TikTok, and her skill is otherworldly

For those of us who frequent Trader Joe’s, the grocery store’s eye-catching signs are always a delight. Now, a professional Trader Joe’s sign artist has taken to TikTok to show off her impressive artistry.

Kim Cantley (@kimcant) is an Irvine, California-based sign artist for the popular grocery chain — her job for “almost 12 years.” Cantley has long been posting videos of the signs she creates for beloved TJ products, like Pickle Popcorn, Crunchy Jalapeño Pieces, Diamond Reserve Pauillac Bourdeaux wine and more.

In a recent video, Kim showcases a design that she’s very familiar with: Trader Joe’s Honey O’s cereal.

“I have made a sign for this product more times than I can count,” she writes. “By far, more times than any other product we carry. If you’re a Trader Joe’s sign artist, you get me.”

When asked how she ventured down the Trader Joe’s sign-making path, Kim recommended that hopefuls contact their local stores to see if they’re hiring for the position.

“Contact your local stores and ask if they need sign artists,” she says. “If so, apply and bring a portfolio of lettering (not art) to the interview!”

Regarding pay, Kim says it’s the “same pay scale as the crew members,” and the store provides materials.

Kim has lent her artistry to various signs and design projects in Trader Joe’s — including these seasonal displays.

In The Know by Yahoo reached out to Kim to learn more about her coveted profession.

“I have an art background and an art degree. At the time I applied, TJ’s would list job postings for local stores that needed sign artists. (I don’t believe they specifically list ‘sign artist’ on job postings now.) I applied and got the job!” Kim tells In The Know via email.

While Kim doesn’t have a specific product she enjoys creating signs for, she does love creating holiday-themed signs for the store.

“I don’t really have a favorite product (maybe the ones with the fewest letters in the name? Haha), but I do look forward to creating signs for the fall and winter holidays,” she says. “I also get to decorate the store for holidays/change of seasons, which is somewhat necessary in Southern California! It is so fun to get the store, employees and customers in a festive mood.”

Creating signs for Trader Joe’s? Now, that’s a profession we didn’t know we wanted until now.

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