A TikTok of a pan-fried ostrich egg is rubbing people the wrong way

A viral video of an ostrich egg being cooked on a pan has millions of viewers scrambling for answers. 

The video, which was posted by TikTok user Jewells Blackwell (@jewellsblackwell), has over 24 million views and 2 million likes. The clip shows a massive ostrich egg being poured into a hot skillet. As the giant yolk dropped into the pan, the filmers were shocked by the sheer size of the egg. 

For whatever reason, the gigantic egg made millions of viewers uncomfortable. 

“This made me like eggs less in a weird way,” said one user. 

“What’s something that feels illegal but isn’t,” asked another TikToker. 

“As much as I love eggs, I’m not sure about this!” said a skeptical viewer. 

It’s hard to explain why ostrich eggs made so many viewers feel uneasy, but it’s not hard to explain why they catch most people off guard. According to American Ostrich Farms, one ostrich egg makes the equivalent of a 24-chicken egg omelette, which is hard to even picture. 

Plus, the shells are practically indestructible. Just look at the video of Jewells trying to crack the shell. She needed a motorized blade just to get an opening! 

Ostrich eggs definitely have an intense appearance, and the nutrition within is no different.  

According to American Ostrich Farms, ostrich eggs contain 176 grams of protein and 2,000 calories per egg, and they’re also packed with vitamins and nutrients. 

That being said, edible ostrich eggs are impractical and uneconomical to sell, because most consumers aren’t willing to pay the high prices and they’re not very convenient to cook with. According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, ostrich eggs usually cost between $40-$75 USD. And you’ve already seen how hard they are to work with. 

You may never get (or want) to cook an ostrich egg yourself, but it is definitely a sight to behold. When it comes to cooking unique foods, it’s nice to know there are people on TikTok willing to go the egg-stra mile. 

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