A TikToker made a clock out of chicken nuggets and it still looks good as new a year later

For this TikToker, it’s always time for chicken nuggets. Literally! 

TikTok artist Dan Rodo (@danocracy) posted a video showing off his impressive chicken nugget clock. The clock, which was made a year before the video was posted, features 12 real chicken nuggets that were preserved in resin. 12 months later, not only is the clock still ticking, but the chicken nuggets look as good as new. 

“There’s no sign of decay or mold growing on any of these nuggets,” said Rodo in the video. 

But how is that possible? Put on your safety goggles, because it’s time to learn some science! 

For starters, according to Rodo, the nuggets were from a fast food chain, so they probably contain preservatives. But the reason for the chicken nuggets looking good as new has more to do with the resin than the preservatives. 

“Some of the main ingredients for mold to grow is moisture, air and warmth,” said Rodo. “Since these nuggets are encased in resin, there’s no new oxygen that is getting contact with them.” 

Rodo also explained that most fast food doesn’t carry a lot of moisture. So whether or not these nuggets were preserved in a clock or sitting out on the counter, they would likely dehydrate similar to how beef jerky does, according to Rodo. 

This isn’t the first time the internet has been exposed to how long fast food can stay preserved. But in this case, the food is being used for art. So the longer it looks good the better! 

But just how long can this chicken nugget clock stay looking fresh?

“In my honest opinion, I don’t think these nuggets will ever rot,” said a confident Rodo. “I can pass this down from generation to generation.”

As far as family heirlooms go, it doesn’t get much better than this!  

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