A TikToker shared the way they ‘strain’ their cereal — and people are very torn

For many TikTok users, breakfast is serious business.

That’s at least one lesson from the massive debate surrounding a now-viral video by a user named Walker. In their clip, the TikToker explains how they deal with the “dust” at the bottom of their cereal box.

“Do y’all strain your last bowl of cereal, or do you like dusty milk?” Walker asks in the video.

The clip, which has nearly 50,000 views, features Walker shaking a massive serving of cereal clean in a colander before showing the residue left behind.

“Look at that … ew,” the TikToker adds.

The video became deeply divisive for TikTok users, who had plenty of thoughts on proper cereal etiquette.

Some defended the “dust,” saying it was actually the best part. Others simply said the step of eliminating the dust was “psychotic.”

“Bruh that’s the best part,” one user wrote.

“This has gone too far,” another added.

“You’re doing way too much, I’m not gonna get a strainer out when I could just deal with the dust,” another wrote.

Many commenters, however, praised the life hack. Several noted they’d now make it a part of their morning routine.

“Oh you just changed the game. I LOVE DUSTY MILK,” one user wrote.

“Wow I never thought of this … elite,” another added.

Walker, meanwhile, seemed to stand by their breakfast hack. The TikToker has shared countless videos about their love of cereal, including one filmed on a floor full of Cheerios boxes.



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