Student discovers embarrassing moment was caught in a recorded lecture

A college student shared an embarrassing moment from one of her lectures on TikTok. Now it’s going viral

Abby Cosgrove is a nursing student and due to the lockdown, her classes take place over Zoom. In April, she posted a video about an incident in class that happened thanks to her cat Hobbes. It earned over 6.9 million views on TikTok

“Thinking about when I was in lecture and my cat jumped on my laptop and then on me. His claws are sharp. Didn’t know he turned on my mic. The lecture was recorded,” Cosgrove wrote in the video caption.  

Cosgrove cut to the lecture recording. The professor was going over the lesson when suddenly Cosgrove let out a carnal shriek. Most people couldn’t tell if the sound came from her or her cat. 

“That scream really could of been either you or the cat,” someone commented.

“Was that you or the cat?” another wrote

“It was so much worse than I thought it’d be,” a person said

Cosgrove posted a couple of follow-up videos. One was about Hobbes, where she called him “the boy behind my scream.” So it was definitely her voice during the Zoom lecture.

The second had her professor’s reaction which was a discerning “Hellooooo?” before expertly moving on with the lesson. 

Welp, there you have it, just another day of chaos in the pandemic era.

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