‘Absolutely amazing’ Freddy Krueger cake might keep you up at night

Natalie Sideserf of Austin’s Sideserf Cake Studio makes hyperrealistic cakes her specialty. For the 2019 Halloween season, she got a special request to create a gruesome (but delicious) homage to horror. Sideserf made a replica of Freddy Krueger from the bust up — no creepy glove with finger blades, thankfully. 

She posted the tutorial on her YouTube channel

“We have a film festival here in Austin, Texas, it’s called Fantastic Fest and they reached out to us because they wanted a cake for the showing of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.’ What is really cool about this cake order is the actor from the film was actually there. His name is Mark Patton and he was presented the cake on stage in front of everyone,” Sideserf explained in the video

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Sideserf used a cake board covered in modeling chocolate as the base of Kreuger’s neck. She stacked three layers of rainbow cake, sculpted it into the shape of a head, then added a chocolate ganache crumb coat. Next, Sideserf covered the head in modeling chocolate and sculpted the details of Krueger’s face. She made his signature wide brim hat out of three more layers of rainbow cake, covered in ganache and modeling chocolate. Finally, after sculpting the base, she painted Kreuger’s mangled skin, piercing blue eyes and teeth with food coloring. 

The spooky treat definitely makes you feel like Freddy Krueger is looking right at you (and prepared to haunt your dreams). But the rainbow cake inside also adds a dash of playful irony. 

“As ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ fan, this cake looks AWESOME!” one user commented

“I have so many memories of me having nightmares after watching this movie! You nailed him!” another wrote

“That cake is absolutely amazing,” a person said.

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