Here’s why TikTok users are calling themselves ‘accountants’ all of a sudden

You might think there’s a rise in “accountants” on TikTok, but it’s actually a popular slang term. 

Here’s why TikTok users are using the hashtags #accountant and #accountantsofTikTok. 

The origins of “the accountant” on TikTok. 

It all started when self-professed struggling actor Rocky Paterra made an original song about using the profession of an accountant as cover. 

“I don’t want to go through the motions of saying that auditions are a full-time job,” Paterra sang. “I’d rather smile and simply state that I have a full-time job … as an accountant.” 

The video racked up 4.3 million views on TikTok. Paterra’s original song now has over 15,000 videos associated with it. 

What do TikTokers mean why they say “accountant”? 

TikTok users with other professions they don’t want to reveal are referring to themselves as accountants. Even Iggy Azalea is an accountant now. 

The user @hailbail007 used the song to score the installation of a pole in her in her apartment. 

“When you’ve paid your rent by selling feet pics for the last six months but no one knows,” the user @bestlifebybrooke said. 


no one really gets what you do when you say you’re a “YouTuber”. #anaccountant (bonus points if you recognize the funko pop)

♬ As An Accountant – Rocky Paterra

The user @samanthafekete thought the song came in handy when explaining she was a Youtuber

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